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About Us


Once upon a time, in a place called Preston, Lancashire, there were two sisters. One called Loretta and the other called Layna. When growing up they loved all the things little girls do; they played together and were always the best of friends. They loved to go dancing and have tea parties in their garden. These tea parties were very sophisticated for 7 and 4 year olds. Invitations were sent, the tent was put up and decorated, games were played and homemade cakes served. Everyone loved to play in their garden.

Their parents knew they had business minds when they started a little shop outside the house selling their old toys for the girls and filled water bombs for the boys. Then the boys round the corner set up a rival shop. So the sisters told the boys they needed to stock toys for the girls and sold them the old toys from their shop... The sisters then spent the rest of the day playing with the water bombs. They later both went on to college; Loretta started working for her father’s company and Layna spent some time traveling around Australia with friends.

In 2008 both sisters got engaged to two lovely lads, Ciaron and Samuel. Loretta was to be married first in May 2010 and both sisters loved planning the wedding. They made all the save the dates, invitations, name tags and afterwards the thank you cards. Loretta went for a simple, sophisticated 50s styled wedding with colours of white, black and grey. The wedding even featured in the Country Bride magazine!

In August 2011 it was Layna's wedding, she wanted something different from her sister and choose to have a marquee in the family garden. Layna had a pink, vintage, flower bomb look to her day. Again the sisters set out making invitations and planning all the details. They found organising Layna's wedding day a lot easier, as they had searched high and low for what they wanted for Loretta's wedding.

Both weddings were a great success, everybody commented on how fabulous everything looked. Then the idea came around; why not bring all the things they had found together for other brides?

The two sisters are so excited to bring you The Wedding Box Lancashire.


We hope you love what you see and look forward to hearing from you about your wedding ideas.



Loretta & Layna x